Vietnam’s mechanical products aim to reach the advanced levels regionally and internationally

Ministry of Science and Technology is collecting comments to issue a Decision on approval of goals, contents and plan for products of the national key science and technology program for the period of 2021 – 2025 of “Research on application and development of mechanical and automation technology”.

Another goal is to research and be master of core technologies in designing, manufacturing and integrating automation systems mainly for a number of key economic sectors for application of the core products, advanced technology solutions, meeting requirements on developing new generation automation systems with a view to build a smart processing and processing industry.

Forming research groups with strong research capacity and appropriate facilities based on the results of scientific and technological research tasks.

The program will implement 2 contents including:

  1. Research and be master of the technology of designing and manufacturing advanced mechanical equipment systems applied for a number of key economic sectors, in which the main focus is on the following research directions: Being master of the core technology in designing, manufacturing, testing and putting into application of advanced mechanical products belonged to the key list promulgated by the Prime Minister.
  2. Making design, manufacturing and putting into use technical molds and jigs with high precision and durability. Making design and manufacturing high-performance diesel and gasoline engines satisfying EURO 5 or higher standards. Making design, manufacturing and putting into use of high-speed lifting equipment. Making design, manufacturing and putting into use of new generation machinery systems for agriculture.
  3. Research and be master of technology, design, manufacturing and integrating new generation automation systems for key economic sectors such as: Mining, petroleum, power generation and transmission, energy, food and pharmacy manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, transportation, medical equipment and national security.

Being focus on research to master technology, design and manufacturing hardware devices, specialized equipment matching to Vietnam’s conditions; making research, design, manufacturing and putting into application of controllers, high-precision actuators, production process automation systems, smart production and services.

Design research and manufacturing fabrication and CNC centers specialized in numerical control, high-speed cutting tools; intelligent robots in industry and services; building and developing core foundation software products, core software, industrial software applying artificial intelligence with Vietnamese brand name for the development of new generation automation systems.


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