Famous garage owner in California: “VinFast VF 8 meets the needs of American users well”

Giving many compliments to the VinFast VF 8 right at the first experience, Mr. Chau Vo – owner of a famous car repair and tuning garage in Northern California (USA) thinks this is a model worth buying.

This is not the first time Mr. Chau Vo has experienced electric cars. His family has a hobby of playing cars, owns up to 3 Tesla electric cars and is waiting to receive VinFast VF 8.

During the experience of the VF 8 on the streets of Sacramento, the capital of California with Mr. Tien Dung, owner of TD Media (a popular YouTube channel in the Vietnamese community in the US), Mr. Chau Vo “graded” the sample. Vietnamese brand SUV from both the perspective of a car lover and an engineer with long experience in the car industry.

“VinFast VF 8 runs smoother on the road than Tesla cars”

Because he was used to using electric cars, Mr. Chau Vo quickly caught up with the VF 8 – a model that is “fever” in the Vietnamese community in the US.

In terms of form, Mr. Chau Vo assessed that the VF 8 has a luxurious interior design, while Tesla is inclined towards the minimalist trend. In particular, according to him, the beauty of the VF 8 is its strong design, aerodynamic optimization and safety by the ridges (line) on the body.

Further analyzing from a physical perspective, Mr. Chau described, the ridges running along the body of the car are not merely an aesthetic design, but its role is to reduce the force exerted on the vehicle in the event of a collision. , to protect the safety of the occupants of the vehicle. This is the reason this design is quite popular on high-speed sports cars.

Engineer Chau Vo gives many compliments when experiencing VinFast VF 8.

“This car in general is very perfect, from the driving function, the suspension system, the fork (shock absorber) to the steering feel (handling) are all very good, especially the steering wheel is very smooth,” said Chau. comment.

According to Mr. Chau Vo, due to the heavier weight of the VinFast car, even though the acceleration is about 2 seconds later than the Tesla car, when traveling on the road, the VinFast car will clearly show the strength of the feeling of driving more firmly and smoothly.

When running up to 80 mph, Mr. Chau commented that the VF 8 has less noise due to wheel friction and runs smoother thanks to quite thick tires.

“In terms of outside noise, this car is quieter than the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y,” he said.

Mr. Chau Vo also expressed his pride when a Vietnamese car was newly manufactured but was already present and rolling on the streets of California, USA.

“10 year warranty, no need to worry about it”

With the experience of a long-time engineer and owner of a famous car repair and tuning garage for nearly 20 years in Northern California, Mr. Chau Vo said, there is no car company that has a monopoly on all accessories from A-Z without any car manufacturers. cooperate with industry suppliers. Of course, there must be reputable component suppliers.

Besides, warranty is also an important factor. “If a product has a warranty period of 10 years like VinFast, I’m ready to buy it and use it, no need to worry much,” said Mr. Chau. Moreover, once the car is licensed to circulate in a demanding market like California, the US is recognized for its level of safety and quality.

For Mr. Chau, a good car is a car that can meet the necessary needs and ensure the safety of the user. His family mainly moves in the city, about less than 200 miles, so basically, VF 8 meets the needs of the family. He said that VF 8 can also meet the travel needs of consumers in the US, but it still needs more time to experience and validate.

Mr. Chau Vo cited, in the past, Hyundai also took a long time from entering the US market with many difficulties until it became one of the successful car manufacturers today. Besides, Mr. Chau also said that any car company when launching a new product inevitably has this and that error.

“No product is perfect from the start. Time and the response of customers in the future will answer all,” he shared.


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