Discover VIAIM’s Advanced Earbuds: Elevate Your Smart Office Experience with Real-time Conference Recording”

HEFEI, China, June 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — VIAIM, an AI technology hardware company deeply rooted in the smart office sector, has announced the upgrade of its brand-new official website, showcasing its innovative wireless earbuds. The upgraded website put spotlight on its flagship products, the AI Recoding True Wireless Earbuds VIAIM Nano+ and the Open-ear AI Recording True Wireless Earbuds VIAIM Air earbuds, unleashing a more efficient and intelligent smart office experience for customers around the globe.

By prioritizing user needs, VIAIM ensures that its offerings not only meet but exceed customer expectations. creating a seamless and user-centric interaction with innovative smart office solutions.

The VIAIM Series products boast some of the most impressive features including the Recording Transcription Function, which provides real-time recording for various scenarios such as field, call, audio, and video, and can summarize full meetings into a digestible abstract with one click; the Multi-Language Translation that supports 11 languages for cross-language meetings and learning. It also comes with VIAIM AI technology that transforms meetings into written records with real-time audio-to-text transcription, generating concise summaries and post-meeting action items. 

Dedicated to producing high-quality products that offer emotional and personalized multimodal hybrid interactions that genuinely address user issues, VIAIM strives to transform our visions of the future into reality through technological means, enabling everyone to enjoy the wonders of future intelligence.

The robust technical expertise of the VIAIM team allows for quick and effective empowerment in the intelligent hardware arena, leading to the development of the powerful VIAIM Nano series of conference headphones. These headphones represent a “new breed” in the market, enhancing the efficiency of conference office activities.

Ma Xiao, CEO of VIAIM, said: “We aim to showcase how future smart products can enhance efficiency and convenience. In AIGC, service tools for vertical scenarios are more practical than general intelligence tools. VIAIM office data has formed a Matthew effect, creating a practical AI conference assistant for the vertical scenario of office meetings. Through continuous upgrades of VIAIM AI, we have successfully evolved conference headphones from “intelligent tools” to “intelligent assistants”, becoming one of the most practical AIGC smart office headphones for office meetings. We have been trendsetters in AIGC applications with constantly realized dreams and product technology strength.”

“VIAIM delivers high-quality, emotionally engaging, and personalized products to users in 154 countries.In 2023, sales on and Tmall during major shopping festivals increased 13-fold year-on-year, While TikTok platform sales rose 30-fold. Online sales grew 4-fold in Q4 2023 and continued stable growth in Q1 2024. Offline, VIAIM’s products are available in over 1,000 outlets. Established in 2021, VIAIM’s team has over a decade of AI expertise. From 2011 to 2014, they researched AI assistants, achieving advancements in speech recognition and semantic analysis.

VIAIM’s upgraded official website highlights its innovative products aimed at enhancing office efficiency and the smart office experience for global users. Their cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking approach to future smart applications set the trend in AIGC solutions.


VIAIM is an AI technology hardware company deeply rooted in the smart office sector. We have always been committed to creating high-quality products with emotional engagement and personalization, multi-modal mixed interaction, and can truly solve user problems, bringing our expectations for the future to reality through scientific and technological means, so that everyone can experience the beauty of future intelligence.


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