Steelhead LNG Secures Patents in USA and Korea; Litigation Ongoing Against Cedar LNG and Rockies LNG

VANCOUVER, BC, June 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Steelhead LNG, a Vancouver-based developer in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry, proudly announces the recent award of patents in the United States and South Korea in relation to its proprietary near-shore floating LNG production facility system. These patents, granted based on Steelhead LNG’s years of proprietary advancements, are in addition to the patents already issued to Steelhead LNG in Canada, Australia and Mexico.

The newly awarded patents underscore Steelhead LNG’s commitment to technological innovation and environmental sustainability within the global energy sector. They cover pivotal aspects of Steelhead LNG’s unique solution; a leading edge, cost-effective way of liquefying natural gas for export to demand markets. Through incorporation of electric drive compressors, air cooling modules and integrated storage, among other innovative features, Steelhead’s LNG’s patented solution can achieve virtually unparalleled carbon emission reductions and avoids harmful environmental impacts associated with cooling water systems in such facilities.

In a highly competitive global LNG marketplace with customers continually searching for cost-effective ways to decarbonise their energy needs, LNG produced using Steelhead LNG’s solution will uniquely position project developers to meet these goals while still reducing the overall cost of production versus a land-based facility.

“We are delighted to receive these patents in the USA and South Korea,” said Victor Ojeda, President at Steelhead LNG. “This recognition validates our decade-long efforts to pioneer sustainable LNG solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry and society.”

In parallel to these achievements, Steelhead LNG is currently engaged in patent infringement litigation with Cedar LNG Partners and Pembina Pipeline Corporation in respect of the Cedar LNG project in Western Canada. Steelhead LNG is alleging that the Cedar LNG project infringes its Canadian patent and seeking injunctive relief preventing the use of Steelhead LNG’s patented solution, as well as significant damages. “We strongly prefer open dialogue and constructive collaboration,” added Ojeda, “but there must be respect for Steelhead LNG’s intellectual property portfolio.”

Steelhead LNG has also advanced a series of claims against Rockies LNG, including alleging that Steelhead LNG’s proprietary facility design information was improperly used to initiate the Ksi Lisims LNG project on the West Coast of Canada. Steelhead LNG has also sought injunctive relief and significant damages against Rockies LNG and its partners in that case.

The company remains committed to protecting its intellectual property rights and proprietary information while continuing to focus on advancing LNG technology solutions and delivering value to its stakeholders. Both the United States and South Korea are key strategic jurisdictions for the LNG industry; the United States has become the world leading supplier of LNG, and South Korea one of the leading locations for construction of floating LNG facilities. These patents further solidify Steelhead LNG’s leadership in the LNG sector and its role in shaping the future of energy globally.

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About Steelhead LNG: Steelhead LNG is a leading LNG development company dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions through innovative technology and strategic partnerships. The company focuses on driving efficiency and environmental stewardship across the LNG value chain.

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