Suvoda Expands its Clinical Trial Offering with the Introduction of ePatient

With the focus on improving patient experience and reducing burden on sites 

PHILADELPHIA, June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Suvoda LLC, a global clinical trial technology company that specializes in complex studies in therapeutic areas like oncology, central nervous system (CNS), and rare diseases, announced the early adopter launch of its ePatient product. This innovative solution is designed to address the complexities, inefficiencies, and frustrations patients encounter with stipend and reimbursement payments, as well as appointment management, throughout their clinical trial journey. 

ePatient is set to transform the patient experience by unifying payments, appointments, reminders, and eCOA questionnaires into a single user-friendly mobile interface with the simple, intuitive design Suvoda is known for. The application’s seamless integration with Suvoda’s IRT and eConsent ensures a cohesive user experience, enabling site users and patients to move effortlessly between all Suvoda products with a single sign-on. 

“By listening to the needs of our customers and leveraging our expertise in clinical trial technology, we have created a solution that not only improves the patient experience but also enhances operational efficiency for all stakeholders involved,” said Elizabeth Morris, Senior Product Manager at Suvoda.  

Suvoda ePatient is expected to deliver four key benefits. 

  1. Faster Patient Payments: Streamlined patient stipend and reimbursement payments with automated triggers, reducing site burden and expediting the payment process for patients.  
  2. Improved Patient Experience: Centralized solution that improves the patient experience and engagement bringing together all necessary applications in one place and supporting multiple payment methods.  
  3. Reduced Workload on Sites and Sponsors: A single, unified platform for Suvoda ePatient, eCOA, IRT, and eConsent enables site users to seamlessly move between applications with single sign-on and a single data layer minimizing data reconciliation and decreasing the room for error.  
  4. Enhanced Privacy and Security: A robust security layer designed to ensure sensitive financial details remain confidential and inaccessible to site users.  

“Participating in a clinical trial is one of the most vulnerable periods in a patient’s life,” said Jagath Wanninayake, CEO of Suvoda. “We are committed to creating solutions that address the urgent moments on a patient’s journey. ePatient takes us a step closer to achieving this mission.” 

Suvoda will take a phased approach to rolling out ePatient starting with patient payments and followed by appointments and reminders. The application will be available on both iOS and Android devices. ePatient is available for a select group of early adopters in June 2024 with general availability expected in 2025.  

About Suvoda  
Suvoda is a global clinical trial technology company specializing in complex, life-sustaining studies in therapeutic areas like oncology, central nervous system (CNS), and rare diseases. Founded in 2013 by experts in eClinical technologies, Suvoda empowers clinical trial professionals to manage the most urgent moments in the most urgent trials through advanced software solutions delivered on a single platform. Headquartered outside Philadelphia, Suvoda also maintains offices in Portland, OR, Barcelona, Spain, Bucharest and Iasi, Romania, and Tokyo, Japan. The company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) consistently exceeds the technology industry average, contributing to the company being selected by trial sponsors and CROs to support more than 1,400 trials across 85 countries. To learn more, visit Follow Suvoda on LinkedIn.  

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