Enchanting Deyang Shines in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, June 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from Xinhuanet:

Enchanting Deyang Shines in Hong Kong
Enchanting Deyang Shines in Hong Kong

On June 29, “‘See the Spectacular and Kaleidoscopic China’—Victoria Park Celebrate the Return of Hong Kong” opens in Victoria Park, Hong Kong, and Deyang, catching the audience’s attention with its unique charm. In the exhibition, people immerse in the whole archaeological research process via Sanxingdui VR interactive cabin, buy the lovely Sanxingdui cultural and creative products, see the ingenious skills of intangible cultural heritage, queue up in front of various speciality food stalls…… They fully enjoy themselves in Deyang’s beautiful cityscape and the mysterious Sanxingdui culture.

Sanxingdui becomes the most popular in Deyang’s exhibition. In Sanxingdui VR interactive cabin, the audience “walk” into the exact Sanxingdui archaeological site, and close contact with the new archaeological technologies used on site. They can also scan the QR code of Sanxingdui Museum, appreciate the over 2-metre bronze statue, the bronze mask with protruding eyes and big ears, and the mask with a gold content of about 85%. They feel like travelling back, as the life of ancient Shu people slowly unfolds in front of their eyes.

Also, more than 40 cultural and creative products from Sanxingdui Museum appear in the exhibition: “Chuan Shu Xiaodui” blind box, “Long Hu Zun” tea set, bronze bird plush toy, bronze standing man…… They are all popular among the audience.

Mianzhu New Year’s painting, Deyang Chaozhou-style round fan, Luojiang soybean meat, eight delicacies oily cake, Changlin century egg…… The local specialities, old brands, intangible cultural heritage skills and distinctive food have attracted many audience to stop to watch, try and buy. The exhibition also highlights Deyang’s other urban cultural landmarks such as China Dried Noodle Village, China Mianzhu New Year’s painting Village, Sanxingdui and Long Men Zhi Dian International Tourism Resort.


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