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Announcement of The winner of The National Innovative Technopreneur Contest – Techfest Vietnam 2022


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The final round of the National Innovative Technopreneur Contest TECHFEST Vietnam 2022 with the theme “Open Innovation Ecosystem – The Next Big Think” took place place on December 2, 2022 afternoon at Binh Duong Convention & Exhibition Center (B11, Hung Vuong street, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province) and live streamed on social media platforms.

In the end, SOBANHANG excellently won the Champion of the contest, the team won the second and third prizes respectively FINA and FORTE BIOTECH

This is the final round of a 3-month journey of supporting innovative startups in Vietnam and Vietnamese individuals living and working outside Vietnam, looking representatives on the journey to go global, inspiring the powerful impact that startups can have on the community and the socio-economic development of the country.

The final round of the National Innovative Technopreneur Contest within the framework of TECHFEST VIETNAM 2022 was attended by Mr. Tran Van Tung – Deputy Minister of Science and Technology; Mr. Pham Hong Quat – General Director of the National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development, Ministry of Science and Technology; Mr. Pham Dung Nam, Director of The National Startup Support Center (NSSC); Mr. Chu Thuc Dat, Director of Local Science and Technology Development Department; Mr. Nguyen Viet Long – Director of Binh Duong Department of Science and Technology; Ms. Nguyen Nha Quyen – Head of the Organizing Committee of the Contest, Operation Director at Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF), together with leaders of Ministries, People’s Committees of Binh Duong Province, representatives of corporations, international organizations, investment funds, TECHFEST VIETNAM Organizing Committee, Technology Villages, prestigious partners, experts and hundreds of startups from the Contest.

After 3 months, the Contest has achieved remarkable results: Nearly 100,000 reach on social media platforms; The total prize value is more than 500,000 USD; More than 70 companion partners including 34 Technology Villages, Shinhan Square Bridge Vietnam, FPT Corporation, ECUE, Sunwah Innovations, Alibaba Cloud, Zone Startups, CrossFund, Ascend Vietnam Ventures and other partners; More than 150 leading experts in the open innovation ecosystem; More than 50 hours of training, mentoring, pitching activities with investors; Nearly 500 applications with more than 300 qualified applications. 

The board of Judges and Technical Advisors in the Final Round will have the participation of investors, leading experts in open innovation and startup ecosystem: 

The Judges:

  • Mr. Pham Ngoc Huy- Managing Director, Lotte Ventures Vietnam
  • Ms. Le Hoang Uyen Vy – General Partner, Do Ventures
  • Mr. Sukkun Sun – Project Owner, Shinhan Square Bridge, Shinhan Financial Group Hope Foundation
  • Mr. Sam Ang – CEO, North Bridge Ventures
  • Ms. Le Han Tue Lam – General Partner, Nextrans Vietnam
  • Mr. Jeffrey Nah – CEO, JN Capital & Growth Advisory

The Technical Advisors:

  • Mr. Tran Viet Huan – CTO, SonKim Group 
  • Mr. Nguyen Van Kien – CEO, WeGoTT – Alibaba Cloud Intelligent’s partner
  • Mr. Ngo Vu Tan Khanh – Country Director, Kaspersky

Speaking at the final round of the contest, Mr. Pham Hong Quat – General Director of the National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development, Ministry of Science and Technology – shared: “Small and medium enterprises, innovative enterprises, start-ups are the ‘seeds’ that the Vietnamese ecosystem is having. However, it is not only possible to demand and expect from the internal resources of the enterprise, but also to have an appropriate external support mechanism to lead, guide and support.

We need the joint action of all elements in the ecosystem such as government agencies, universities, support organizations, incubators, accelerators, mentoring networks, associations, and businesses themselves. We need to co-design, act together, and deploy immediately to catch the new wave of technology. For each actor in the ecosystem, an open innovation platform brings different benefits. That is why we aspire to jointly build and develop an open innovation ecosystem, in which the important goal is to promote the characteristics of CREATIVE, OPEN and LINKED INNOVATION.”

Mr. Kim Dong Uk – Senior Director, Shinhan Financial Group Hope Foundation – which has strong commitments to the Vietnamese ecosystem, shared about the 2022 Vietnam Techfest Shinhan Global Track Award. The program has selected 5 businesses in the Top 10 to provide a global startup accelerator package with opportunities to meet experts, raise capital and expand connections in Korea and around the world.

“As part of the open innovation strategy, supporting the National Innovation Technopreneur Contest is a valuable opportunity for us to expand our network to Vietnamese startups, also together with Vietnam to promote the effective startup ecosystem We ourselves found some potential startups that we would like to cooperate with or invest in.” – Mr. Kim Dong Uk shared.

Mr. Vu Le Hoang Anh – Director of Digital Marketing Research and Development Center, FPT Telecom, an important partner accompanying the Contest, wishes to be able to support, and commits that FPT will always accompany all innovation programs in the country such as the National Innovative Technopreneur Contest TECHFEST. 

In the Final round program, the panel discussion “Innovative business – A bright spot of development in a volatile economy” took place with the participation of representatives of business from the contest, investors, and experts:

  • Ms. Nguyen Quynh Anh – Program Manager, SwissEP Vietnam
  • Mr. Pham Ngoc Duy Liem – CGO & Co-founder, GoStream – Champion of TECHFEST 2020
  • Mr. Nguyen Thai Nhat – CEO & Co-founder, Otrafy – Champion of TECHFEST 2021
  • Ms. Tran Hoai Phuong – Vice President of Investments & Head of Vietnam, Wavemaker Partners
  • Ms. Nguyen Phuong Linh – Executive Director, Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD) – United Way Vietnam
  • Ms. Michelle Ng – Director, Quest Ventures
  • Mr. Bobby Liu – EIR Director, Touchstone Partners

The panel discussion focused on the story of outstanding achievement after being crowned the highest at the Contest; Sharing the experience, and response strategy regardless of market fluctuations; Sharing about the investment marketplace in Vietnam in the coming period.

The winner of the contest will receive prizes with a total value of up to 200 million VND (Including 100 million VND in cash and intensive support packages); Representing Vietnam to attend the Startup World Cup with a prize of US$1 million. In addition, the Top 10 finalists will receive many attractive sponsorship packages from the partners of the Contest: Select up to five (05) Vietnamese startups suitable for the Korean market to receive a 60,000 USD Vietnam TechFest Shinhan Global Track Award 2022 global accelerating package, a program organized by Shinhan Square Bridge Incheon in 2023; 01 enterprise in the Top 10 has the opportunity to receive a minimum investment package of 100,000 USD from CrossFund;  A 10,000 USD service package from FPT for Top 3 enterprises; A 3,000 USD co-working space voucher at Sunwah for Top 3 enterprises selected by Sunwah Innovations; A 3-month strategic consulting by senior experts package of 5,000 USD for the Winner from Ascend Vietnam Ventures Fund; One-year Alibaba Cloud Academy Premium account for all Contest teams, participants and guests with a total value of up to 1,600 USD from Alibaba Cloud;  5 enterprises in the Top 10 will be selected to participate in the Vietnam Startup Talents program and have the opportunity to raise capital directly with venture capital funds in the United State.


Startup NameTeamDescriptionsPRIZE
SOBANHANGCore team profile:Bùi Hải Nam/Co-founder & CEOCEO, Datamart & PowerSellCommercial Director, LazadaHơn 6 năm HSBC, Credit Suisse, DBS
Bui Hai Long /Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer: Analytics Head, OneMount GroupCo-founder & CTO, Lander.PHVP Operations Strategy, Lazada

SoBanHang was launched at the peak of the Covid epidemic for small business owners to upgrade their modern commerce capabilities and increase profitability. SoBanHang makes it fast, easy, and effortless with these outstanding features: online storefront, mobile POS, digital ledger, and financial service… entirely on a smartphone.
CHAMPION– To be selected to join Vietnam Startup Talents program- Shinhan Global Track Award 2022 global accelerating package- A 10,000 USD service package from FPT Booster- A 3,000 USD co-working space voucher from Sunwah Innovations
FINACore team profile:
(Ph.D. Alex Pham) Dr. Pham Anh Khoi / General Director: has more than 20 years of experience in Real Estate, Finance, and Technology. Previously held senior positions in multinational companies in Europe, Asia, and Australia, such as CBRE, Colliers…

Do Quoc Tien (Mr. Tim Do) /Co-Founder, CTO, COO: Experience in finance and auditing at KPMG Australia and at Vietcombank Vietnam Securities Company.

FINA is a technology platform that allows users to search, compare and choose exactly the right financial solutions for their needs including home loans, insurance packages or other products. investment products. 
FIRST RUNNER-UP– To be selected to join Vietnam Startup Talents program- A 10,000 USD service package from FPT Booster- A 3,000 USD co-working space voucher from Sunwah Innovations
FORTE BIOTECHCore team profile:
Kit Yong/Founder: 6 years of experience in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore markets; understanding Vietnam’s agricultural industry through research on urban planning and NGO activities. Bachelor of Science in Biology (2018), National University of Singapore (NUS).
Michael Nguyen (Minh)/ Co-founder: 5 years of experience in Project Management at & Digital Analytics. Bachelor of Project Management (2017), National University of Singapore (NUS).
TS. OU CHUNG-PEI (Advisor): PhD in Biological Engineering; Expert in the field of biodiagnostics.
Colin Chua/Advisor: Representative of Shell Group Shareholders, 25 years of experience in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

Founded in 2021, Forte Biotech has developed the RAPID (Robust & Accurate Prawn Infection Detector) system to detect common prawn diseases. With RAPID, farmers can easily conduct on-site diagnosis tests and receive accurate results within 1 hour
SECOND RUNNER-UP– A 10,000 USD service package from FPT Booster- A 3,000 USD co-working space voucher from Sunwah Innovations
CYBERPURIFYCore team profile:
Quinn Nguyen/Co-Founder and CEO: Cares a lot about social impact because she believes advanced technology is meaningless unless we find its actual value and bring it to society. Quinn is also a promoted panelist for UNDP and a core member of the Vietnam Children’s Online Safety Committee.
Binh Nguyen/Founder & CTO: 17 years in Startup and 14 years in developing AI products with 05 IPs, 02 AI patents, and 05 national awards. Binh is also a techtreprenuer with the most recent success being Applancer TopDev, acquired by Saramin – The no. No. 1 recruitment platform in Korea.

CyberPurify develops AI-based real-time harmful content moderation solutions, helping create a much safer Internet for children all around the world.
– Shinhan Global Track Award 2022 global accelerating package
PVA PROCore team profile:Hang Thai Nhu/President: is a self-made businesswoman who never backs down and makes the impossible possible. It is the secret to economic success in Vietnam, representing the women who keep moving forward and following their passions. She is a co-founder of HRK Group (the leading eco-friendly packaging company in Vietnam) and a co-owner of GPS PLAS factory (a pioneer in developing biodegradable plastic technology). Study in Vietnam). PVA PRO is the latest challenge to help the world have one more optimal technology, replace plastic packaging and solve the problem of plastic waste).
Le Minh/CTO: Talenting engineers, passionate about researching and discovering innovative and environmentally friendly technology. Pioneering and visionary, proud to be the founder of the GPS PLAS factory with more than 10 years of packaging manufacturing experience. He is a critical player in technology development at PVA PRO and will continue the research process to bring the best technologies.

Jonathan SOURINTHA/PR: Connecting organizations and government agencies to accelerate the transition from harmful plastics to the environment and human health. He is the President of the sustainability committee at the French Chamber and a partner of HRK GROUP and GPS PLAS.

Raphael CAZALBOU/CEO: is belived in this tributary and the one who drives the ideas to run the business. Co-founded HRK Group, a company that provides eco-friendly packaging. Also a co-owner of the GPS PLAS factory, a pioneer in developing biodegradable plastic technology in Vietnam. Devoting himself to the aim of changing the world into a better place and represents the company in its development strategy.

Todd ROSIN/International Development: has more than 30 years of experience in the plastic and packaging industry. He was one of the first members of the British team to develop and promote water-soluble packaging technology. Having the opportunity to work with PVA PRO, he realized that the technology and price of PVA PRO are suitable and best in the market, so he joined the team of PVA PRO, looking forward to expanding the network of customers and many partners. Potential in the world.

PVA PRO JSC is leading the water-soluble polymer industry by creating a new generation of eco-friendly polymer and packaging needed to reduce plastic waste. PVA PRO is the first factory in Vietnam specialized in water soluble polymer technology 
Our packaging technology uses 100% safe materials for the environment, meeting the market’s demand for transparent packaging solutions, strength, and long-term use.
PVA PRO is the only factory that has complete control from technology to production by owning the production of raw materials to the production of high-quality finished products. With those two advantages, PVA PRO is leading the world market in unique products with the most competitive prices helping businesses develop sustainably.

– To be selected to join Vietnam Startup Talents program- Shinhan Global Track Award 2022 global accelerating package
HALANACore team profile:
Ho Phi An (Anthony)/Founder & CEO: Graduated with MBA from Leipzig University (Germany). Over 10 years of experience in the B2B segment at large corporations such as Ricoh, and Phillips, including 4 years as Country Director for Vietnam and the Philippines in Modula (Italy).

Tran Thi Kim Phuc (Sophie)/Co-founder & COO: Over 10 years of experience as CFO, accounting, and administrative director of many technology and multinational companies. Graduated from the City University of Economics. HCM and holds the ACCA license.
Nguyen Nhat Trung (Jacky)/Co-founder & CTO: Graduated from IT University – National University with more than 10 years of full-stack developer experience and an expert in Digital Marketing. Trung was in the Top 20 CTOs leading technology in 2022 by Vnexpress
Le Thanh Binh/CFO:  Former CFO of Be Group, Lazada Vietnam, and PwC. Graduated with a Master of Commerce and Finance from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Binh has 20 years of experience in a wide range of industries, including technology, retail, media, shipping, banking, healthcare, real estate & commerce, and holds various financial certifications, including ASA, ACMA, CGMA & CFA I.

The leading end-to-end B2B marketplace to digitize & empower industrial retail stores targeting the $45B industrial goods market in Vietnam. We help stores digitize & centralize their supply chain, improve end-to-end management & increase income with technologies and processes.
– Shinhan Global Track Award 2022 global accelerating package
VIFOCore team profile:
Vuong Viet Linh/CEO & Founder: Former Venture Builder at Fram^, CEO and Founder, helped launch more than 15 startups in Sweden and Vietnam in less than two years before founding SmartBuddy. Having 8 years of experience working for companies like Masan Consumer, FPT, SecuixSA, and Nielsen in the IT/Data sector
Vo Quoc Dai/CTO & Co-founder: Having more than 10 years of experience in the IT field, helping build core products at companies like PYCO Group, Long Beach Group
Maisa Ksor/COO & Co-founder: Director of VNI Digital – Aviation Insurance has more than 15 years of experience in the insurance industry and has held positions such as Deputy General Director of GIC SG, Branch Manager of AAA.

VIFO creates sales solutions for businesses with lightweight structure, flexible operation, and low cost. Accordingly, providers can issue electronic insurance contracts, manage digital businesses, build an omni-channel sales team,… 
– A minimum investment package of 100,000 USD from CrossFund- To be selected to join Vietnam Startup Talents program
WAREFLEXCore team profile:
Rajnish Sharma/CEO: With more than 20 years of experience working in the field of Commerce and Retail, and over 12 years living and working in Vietnam.
Rod Davariz/CBO: Over 16 years of experience working as an expert in the field of Supply Chain, management consulting, B2B business and ERF sales.
Nong Tu Lam/COO:  With more than  25 years of experience in Logistics and Supply Chain of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and E-commerce (E-commerce).
Praveen Sirisolla/Tech Lead: Over 5 years of experience working as a developer of an e-commerce platform, integrating ERP and extensions, APIs.

Wareflex is the first On-demand Warehousing Platform in Vietnam that connects businesses in need of storage capacity and verified warehouse providers. Our mission is to provide flexibility and agility to businesses to access warehouse facilities while supporting asset owners to get improved incomes.
– To be selected to join Vietnam Startup Talents program- Shinhan Global Track Award 2022 global accelerating package
DIZIMCore team profile:
Dang Nhu Khanh Hoang/CEO: 10 years of experience in software programming, ERP solution consulting and especially Artificial Intelligence.With his younger brother, who founded HTM corporation and  film producer and TVC, Hoang deeply understands the complexity of the video-making process and the investment cost for a video.
Pham Lan Khanh/CMO: 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing, CEO of Flamingo Digital Media Joint Stock Company, and founder of the largest freelancer community in Vietnam (freelancerViet.vn).Khanh is also a member of the Executive Board of the Southern National Startup Advisory and Support Council (under the VCCI National Startup Program).

Dang Nhu Hoang Giang/CPO (Chief Production Officer): 14 years of experience in film and promotional video production,being the jury of Golden Kite for many years. Furthermore, Giang has won the Golden Kite Award at the Busan Film Festival, which was released on Netflix. Currently Founder of HMT Corporation – Film and TVC Producer.
Truong Hoang Tho/CCO (Chief Creative Officer): 13 years of experience in the creative design solutions industry in Design & Branding for many Vietnamese and international brands, especially in eSports Esports. Have experience studying and working in Australia for a long time. Formerly the Art Leader of Vietnam Esports, Founder and Strategic Creative Advisor of Alipo Creative Design Agency. Currently one of the leaders in innovative solutions for eSports in Vietnam. Towards the combination of technology and creativity, participate and share knowledge with the young creative community of Vietnam.
Nguyen Phan Khoi Nguyen/CFO: Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Singapore, with 12 years of experience in finance, investment, and corporate strategy in the fields of consulting, manufacturing, retail, real estate products, and technology startups.

Video creation platform with virtual presenters and various voice-overs in many languages helps content creators produce a video in 5 minutes, save $200 minimum
WESHARECore team profile:
Le Ba Quy/Founder & CEO: Excellently graduated from the Talent program, Faculty of Information Technology, University of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Science and Technology, Quy has 5 years of experience in Product Management at VNG Corporation and Cho Tot – a member of unicorn Carousell, the number one classified marketplace in Southeast Asia.

WeShare is a sustainable fundraising platform from online shopping. We just need to open Shopee, Tiki, Lazada,… from WeShare and purchase as usual, a portion will be donated to support the orphans.


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