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Engineer Phan Thi Thanh Hien has been passionate about Mathematics since childhood and wants to pursue jobs related to technology, artificial intelligence, and data analysis…

To be able to continue the love with algorithms and data, Thanh Hien chose Control Engineering and Automation under the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology to explore more about programming and artificial intelligence. Hien was born in 1998. And Hien, at the end of December 2020,  became the first female valedictorian in this major with a total GPA of 9.07/10 and many other outstanding academic and social work achievements.

Hien said, “My father works in the power agency, so since I was a child, I have loved things like pliers, hammers, and gifts that my father received from technology companies are technical toys. At that time, I simply thought it was so cool for girls to study this major. As a result, I be recruited directly, I immediately choose this major, and during studying, I find it very interesting and curious like artificial intelligence.”

Thanh Hien impresses others with an outstanding diploma.

You must have a plan to follow this industry

The faculty of Electrical Engineering has more than 10 girls divided into 11 classes. In the first years of studying with another class, Hien only made a few female friends. “Talking about the learning process, this industry is hard for both men and women because all relevant things are iron and wires and computers connected, so if you are not passionate, it will be difficult to learn,” Hien shared. However, compared to boys, I learned better in theory but was embarrassed about practice. So the scores are also different. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.”

To achieve good results, Thanh Hien always keeps a separate study diary, a very specific note for each subject, as a plan. And I always had schemed with careful preparation for tests, examinations. Hien often revises before each exam to gain more knowledge, if there is something she does not understand, she has time to ask more teachers and friends. So that, Hien has the most comfortable spirit when entering the exam room. Sharing with IA VIETNAM, even though she has a beautiful scoreboard of 9 out of 10, the girl also has her fear of calculus 2. “My score on this subject is not very high. Therefore, I always have to review before the exam, I also get nervous and start to tremble, if I don’t study first, I will easily drown and have a feeling that I will not learn in time.”

A gentle girl loves technology

What makes Thanh Hien most confident is her ability to absorb knowledge. She was also a member of the Math team throughout her middle and high school years, which helped Hien practice with numbers and have logical thinking.

During her studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Hien learned about programming to control robots and model the production line system in the factory. The important thing of learning this skill is to practice a lot. If you want the code smooth and well optimized, you have to practice more often, Hien said, you need to hold the machine all day.

“When I have to practice with electrical machinery and equipment, I am also a little afraid, but every model has a protective device, so if there is a wrong connection, the power will automatically cut off without any damage. There’s no accident, so it’s called automatic”. It was only when she graduated that she found out that she was the first female valedictorian in the industry, Hien added.

Hien’s current job is making software. In the future, Hien wants to try artificial intelligence and data processing and analysis. “I love working on algorithms because that’s my forte. Therefore, I hope to find a job related to calculation, logic, experience in different fields to find a job that matches my passion and real capacity.” The thing that makes the young female student regret the most in the university time is that she does not have many memories with her classmates, because each person chooses a different major even though they are in the same class.

A technical girl is cute but not dryasdust

“In my spare time, in addition to learning to dance and hanging out with friends, I also take some courses on AI and data analysis. With the opinion that “technology is only for men, girls studying this industry will be dryasdust because they work all day with numbers and machines”. “I have one thing to say to the girls who are pursuing this industry, that what boys can do, girls can also do it, as long as there is enough passion and determination, nothing is impossible. Your gender does not limit you in any industry, but we need passion… Wish everyone safe and lucky in the new year 2022,” Hien said.

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