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Governmental Office’s Letter No. 7083/VPCP-CN has been issued on transmission of Vice Prime Minister Le Van Thanh on the implementation of Long Thanh International airport project.

Specifically, Vice Prime Minister requested Ministry of Planning and Investment which is the standing body of the State Appraisal for Long Thanh International Airport Project on compensation, support and resettlement of cum construction in Stage 1) report to the Prime Minister (PM) on the proposal of Dong Nai Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) on adjustment of feasibility study report on the captioned compensation project and support on capital for construction of traffic route connecting the airport.

Ministries of Transport, Public Security, Finance and Dong Nai PPC to prepare and implement investment in works of Component Project 1 (headquarters of state management agencies of border gate security, local police, customs, medical quarantine, airport authorities, etc.,) ensuring synchronous implementation of works. Ministry of Construction to coordinate with relevant Ministries and Branches on measures to stabilize the market; update and adjust prices of construction materials and construction price indexes.

The Ministry of Transport (MoT) to focus on directing relevant units to promptly deploy the work items; coordinate with relevant ministries and branches to speed up the project’s progress; summarize the implementation of the entire Long Thanh International Airport project and propose to hold a progress meeting (if necessary) and report to the PM.

Dong Nai PPC to punctually perform following PM’s comment in the Governmental Office’s Letter No. 6426/VPCP-CN dated 14 September 2021 on accelerating land acquisition of the 2 connecting routes. To report MoT in every 2 months the progress of the compensation project for summarization and reporting to the PM.

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