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Saving energy for enterprise sustainable development


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As a producer and exporter of agricultural products, representative of Hoang Ngoc Investment and Trade Co., Ltd shared, the enterprise is using 4 high-capacity cold storages, monthly electricity consuming up to 70 – 80 million VND.

Therefore, 10 billion VND of solar power system has been invested which helps decrease the electricity bill to 10 – 15 million VND, greatly reducing production and operation costs, avoid affecting product prices in the context of escalating prices. Its investment option is certainly not unique.

According to enterprises, effective energy management not only helps optimize energy use, bring economic value but also ensures the goal of environmental sustainability and carbon emission reduction. Ministry of Industry and Trade assessed industry sector energy consumption in Vietnam currently accounts for 47% of the total national amount, saving energy potential up to 30 – 35%. Therefore, it is important for manufacturing enterprises to apply energy-saving solutions in the process of socio-economic development, a priority task to help enterprises develop sustainably.

According to Mr. Dong Mai Lam, General Director of Schneider Electric Vietnam and Cambodia, international corporations must comply with various regulations on energy management and sustainable development, so energy saving and management will help enterprise to integrate to international. Besides, he commented that effective energy management will save for enterprises 10 – 20% energy investment costs.

Many enterprises have come up with solutions to well implement the captioned orientations. For example, representative of Da Nang Rubber Joint Stock Company said that the enterprise has been looking for optimal solutions in energy saving. Since the early 2022, it has applied different synchronous alternatives, using high efficiency energy converted equipment, applied renewable energy such as solar, biogas or biomass to make an important contribution to the assurance and stability of energy.

Not only investment is made in technology, but also applying digital in management and energy saving effectively. According to Mr. Nguyen Manh Tung, Chairman of Board of Directors, General Director of Song Nam Group, the enterprise is deploying some software for energy monitoring and analysis, providing integrated solution toolkit for analysis of energy optimization.

However, the reality shows that enterprises are not fully aware of energy management, part of the reason is that there is no timely mechanism to encourage and promote motivation for energy management; on the other hand, effective energy saving measurement and monitoring are not well performed by management agencies.

Discussing about the issue, at a recent seminar on energy management, Mr. Trinh Quoc Vu, Deputy Chief Office of Steering Committee for Energy Efficiency, Deputy Director of Department of Energy Saving, Ministry of Industry and Trade shared, the legal framework on energy saving in Vietnam is basically completed, however the actual application has not been as expected. The reason is that enterprises are still not fully aware of the benefits of energy saving, leading to the fact that enterprises are not ready to pay for an energy management model and caused inefficient management of energy.

Therefore, enterprises and experts all believe that creating an effective process in energy management requires not only technology but also awareness raising for enterprises. Mr. Tung expressed enterprises start to apply solutions for energy optimization as well as energy management systems and devices to optimize energy consumption.

However, efficiency of policies, procedures and communications on energy saving should also be enhanced. He shared that a mechanism on encouraging enterprises on efficient management of efficiently is under the Government’s study. In addition, Ministries, Agencies and Sectors are also developing pilot programs and mechanisms to support enterprises to invest in energy saving including financial mechanisms.


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