Over 22.46 billion US$ has been poured into Vietnam in the first 10 months

According to data announced by Foreign Investment Department under Ministry of Planning and Investment (MoPI), upto 20/10/2022, total newly registered capital, adjusted and contributed as well as capital contribution of foreign investors reached US$ 22.46 billion, equaling 94.6% over the same period in 2021, increased 9.9% over 9 months.

MoPI said that although newly registered investment capital continued to decrease but improved, adjusted investment capital and capital contribution increased over the same period. Accordingly, 1,570 new projects have been granted investment registration certificates (IRCs) (increased 14.2%) leading the increase of the total registered capital to US$ 9.93 billion.

Notably, 880 turns of capital adjustment registered (increased 13.4%), total additional registered capital reached US$ 8.74 billion (increased 23.3%); 2,997 turns of joint stock brokerage by foreign investors (decreased 2.2%), total value of contributed capital reached US$ 3.79 billion (increased 4.5% over the same period).

18 out of 21 sectors have been invested by foreign investors. In which, processing and manufacturing industry continued to lead with US$ 12.9 billion, accounting for 57.5% of the total registered investment capital. The real estate business ranked second with US$ 3.87 billion, accounting for 17.2%. Following are electricity production and distribution; scientific and technological activities with US$ 928 million and US$ 853 million respectively.

Regarding the number of new projects, wholesale and retail sectors, manufacturing and processing industries and professional science and technology activities attracted the most projects, respectively accounting for 29.9%, 24.8% and 16.7% of total projects.

In the first 10 months, 103 countries and territories were invested in Vietnam. In which, Singapore led with US$ 5.34 billion, accounting for 23.8% of total investment capital in Vietnam, decreased 21.1% over the same period in 2021. Japan ranked second with US$ 4.19 billion, accounting for 18.7%, increased 23.8% over the same period. South Korea stayed third with US$ 3.9 billion, accounting for 17.4%.

However, in term of project number, Korea is still the top investor with interest and decisions on new investment and projects expansion as well as stock brokerage in the first 10 months (accounting for 20.6% of new projects, 34.4% of adjustments and 34.6% of stock brokerage).

In the same period, foreign investment has been made in 54 cities across the country. Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) leads with US$ 3.42 billion, accounting for 15.2% and increased by 25.3% over the same period in 2021. Binh Duong ranked second with US$ 2.85 billion, accounting for 12.7%, increased 40%. Quang Ninh stayed third with US$ 2.19 billion, accounting for 9.7% and increasing 89% over the same period in 2021.

About the number of new projects, foreign investors still focus in big cities with convenient infrastructure such as HCMC and Hanoi. In particular, HCMC leads in the number of new projects (44.1%) and stock brokerage (67.2%) and ranks second in the number of projects with capital adjustment (15.3%) after Hanoi with 18.8%).

Evaluating Vietnam’s prospects for attracting FDI in the coming time, EuroCham President Alain Cany affirmed that in the current uncertain global economic environment, Vietnam offers great investment opportunities for European enterprises. Through EVFTA and joint commitments, Vietnam and European enterprises have a lot of growth potential. The results of Business Climate Index (BCI) in Vietnam today are very encouraging, Vietnam will certainly be in a better position in the next 2 or 3 years, one of the most dynamic investment and business destinations in the world.


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