Increase the contribution of biotechnology to GDP to 7% by 2030

Vietnam’s biotechnology has recently developed rapidly and achieved many important achievements; increasingly widely applied in social life, creating breakthroughs in the fields of agriculture, processing industry, medicine and environment.

The biological industry is gradually formed. Many enterprises have invested in research, production and commercialization of biotechnology products in a number of fields on a large scale.

However, the development of biotechnology has not been commensurate with its potential; biotechnology capacity has not yet met development requirements in the new situation. The cause of the above limitations and weaknesses is mainly due to the lack of awareness of many committees and authorities about the role, position and importance of biotechnology; Inadequate and unattractive mechanisms and policies to attract social resources…

Therefore, Vietnam’s Politburo has just issued a resolution on the development and application of biotechnology to serve the country’s sustainable development in the new situation. The resolution stated that biotechnology development is the world’s trend, an important driving force to carry out the process of renovating the growth model, restructuring the economy, ensuring social security and national defense, security and improve people’s living standards. Vietnam sets a goal by 2030 to strive for a biotechnological foundation reaching the world advanced level in a number of important fields; is one of the top 10 Asian countries in biotech smart production and services; widely applied in industries and fields, contributing to economic and social development.

The Politburo wishes that, in the next 7 years, the biological industry will become an important economic and technical industry. Enterprises increase 50% in investment scale and growth, replacing at least 50% of imported biotechnology products; contribute 7% to GDP and ensure the essential needs of society. In 2045, Vietnam will have the world’s most developed biotechnology, a center for smart production and services; entrepreneurship, innovation in biotechnology ranks to the leading group in Asia. Bio-industry contributes 10-15% of GDP.


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