Newly Published Children’s Book Thoughtfully Guides All Ages to Learn How to Be Fully Expressive

Announcing The Release of FINDING MY VOICE, YES I CAN! From Palmetto Publishing

Charleston, SC, June 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Children, teenagers, and even adults can learn to express themselves and find value in their feelings in author Tinika Cudjoe’s new book, Finding My Voice, Yes I Can! Obstacles Are Made To Help Form Us Into A Stronger Being.

“As an adult I struggle with finding my voice, and establishing how to identify the correct emotions I am faced with,” said Tinika. To help herself and others, Tinika’s new book seeks to give actionable advice and kind encouragement around feelings and emotions.

This book, readers will learn how to find the support, time, healing, and motivation to end negative cycles. Furthermore, readers will discover how to show themselves patience and love even when falling behind. More than anything, they will discover how to keep up with the work and all but guarantee successful results.

Finding My Voice, Yes I Can! Obstacles Are Made To Help Form Us Into A Stronger Being is available for purchase online at and Barnes and For more information about the author, please visit any of her social media platforms

Facebook: tinika toogood

Instagram: _maintina_pace

Tiktok: @tinikacudjoe

About the Author:

Tinika Cudjoe is a mother of three beautiful children, and she is proud to be raising such smart outspoken beings. Growing up, Tinika had trouble expressing herself verbally and she still struggles with finding her voice and identifying her correct emotions as an adult, but she is no longer caged by the box she once was in. Going to therapy has allowed Tinika to tap into some major thought processes she felt she was not able to access before. In an effort to help others learn this skill earlier in life, Tinika was inspired to write this book.

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