Mblue Labs unveils the Anti-aging Powers of Methylene Blue, launches Bluelene HandPlus+ Advanced Age-Repair Treatment

BETHESDA, Md., June 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mblue Labs proudly introduces a groundbreaking addition to their renowned skincare brand Bluelene. Mblue Labs, a woman and minority-owned business, is dedicated to advancing skincare science, and this latest product embodies their commitment to unparalleled innovation.

HandPlus+ Advanced Age-Repair Cream

At the heart of HandPlus+ is the potent antioxidant Methylene Blue, discovered by Dr. Kan Cao, a professor of cellular biology at UMD and a distinguished scientist in the field of human aging. Her peer-reviewed research on Methylene Blue, published in Nature Scientific Reports, reveals that Methylene Blue penetrates skin cells at the mitochondrial level, effectively reversing the causes of skin aging. Methylene Blue not only promotes healthy, youthful skin, but also surpasses the efficacy of retinol without any adverse side effects.

HandPlus+ premiers the fusion of Methylene Blue, Peptides, and advanced Pigmentation Correctors Niacinamide, Hexylresorcinol, and Tranexamic Acid, creating a powerful combination that doubles collagen and elastin production, fades dark spots, strengthens the skin barrier, and deeply hydrates to address the special needs of thin, more environmentally exposed skin on our hands.

Combination of Methylene Blue + Peptides is a breakthrough for Skincare:

Methylene Blue is a highly soluble molecule that effectively combats free radicals (ROS) in all compartments in our skin, from mitochondria to the cell nucleus and Extracellular Matrix proteins (ECM). Free radicals lead to DNA damage and mutations, poor energy production, decreased ECM synthesis, and increased ECM breakdown. By neutralizing ROS,  Methylene Blue increases the lifespan of our skin cells and improves skin cell overall health while reducing cell stress.

When Methylene Blue is combined with Advanced Peptides, the combination allows the ingredients to work on the skin’s cellular structure in different, but complimentary ways. When peptides join Methylene Blue, they assist in boosting more ECM production, smoothing out skin tone, and promoting a more even complexion. This combination particularly benefits individuals with age spots or sun damage.

About Mblue Labs:
Mblue Labs is a woman & minority-owned company committed to revolutionizing the beauty industry through scientific innovation. The company holds the exclusive patent on Methylene Blue for human skin.

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