Timekettle’s Products Are Making Schools More Inclusive by Breaking Language Barriers

OLNEY, Texas, July 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Timekettle, the expert in AI translator earbuds, is breaking down language barriers and helping students gain a better understanding of their education with its products.

Olney Independent School District (Olney ISD) has always been committed to providing the best education for its diverse students, including those from Venezuela, Argentina, and Mexico with limited English proficiency. The language barrier prevents these students from fully engaging with peers and teachers, making them sometimes feel left out.

However, with the introduction of Timekettle’s X1 AI Interpreter Hub to the school, things have changed for the better. A standalone device with earbuds, the X1 enables seamless, hands-free conversations and one-tap handheld translation without extra apps or setups.

A key benefit of the X1 for teachers is maintaining device visibility while speaking, ensuring accurate lesson translation through earbuds, and giving them peace of mind that their students are fully understanding the material. As Olney ISD teacher Veronica Fobbs shares, “the device makes it very easy for us to speak, and then for each and every individual to be able to hear in their own language and to understand.”

Olney ISD Elementary Principal Matt Caffey lauds the X1 for improving teacher-student communication, stating it uniquely provides real-time content directly, eliminating third-party involvement, “which no other system has been able to deliver before. “

For students like Naibelyn Hernandez, the X1 significantly enhances their educational experience. “It helps me understand my teacher, who can express herself well when speaking to me,” said Naibelyn.

Timekettle is dedicated to connecting people across languages and cultures by overcoming language barriers through innovative technology. In the education sector, the brand enhances school inclusivity and opens doors for immigrant students by breaking down these barriers.

About Timekettle

Established in 2016, Timekettle is dedicated to advancing cross-language communication through innovative products and solutions. Recognized with numerous international accolades, including the CES Innovation Award, iF Design Award, and Japan Good Design Award, Timekettle’s products have proudly served the needs of cross-language communication in a variety of user scenarios, including abroad-living, traveling, multi-language meetings and classrooms, as well as in manufacturing and logistics, and beyond. Having solidified a user database of more than 400,000, Timekettle continues its journey as the Global No.1 AI Translator Device.

For further information, please visit https://www.timekettle.co/ or contact press@timekettle.co.



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